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03/09/07 - Parkland, FL
The Dow Jones May Be Plummeting, but Your Portfolio Doesn't Have To - DirectYourMind.com Equipping Traders with the Discipline to Ride Out Violent Stock Market Drops.
Last week, traders watched in horror as the stock market took a major nosedive. Driven by anxiety, many of these traders began second-guessing their strategies, a reaction that only tends to compound the situation. DirectYourMind.com's TradingMind Mental Training Sessions helps traders avoid such knee-jerk reactions so they can ride out stock market dips and reap the benefits of counter upswings.

03/05/07 - Parkland, FL
Oprah Knows "The Secret." Do You? - SelfHelpExpress.com Helping Individuals Put the Law of Attraction into Practice So They Can Achieve Happiness and Success in Every Aspect of Their Lives.
"The Secret" has finally been exposed. Now comes the hard part: putting it into action so that its many touted benefits come to fruition. A new Web site, SelfHelpExpress.com, is helping people do just that. By providing mental training for every part of their lives, the site helps individuals create their own realities`in just seven short minutes a day.

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