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Mission Statement:

"The goal of Self Help Express is to help as many people in the world as possible to be all that they can be, by offering the finest state-of-the-art online mental training available. By working with recognized leaders in their respective fields, we insure the finest content for our training sessions. By employing the very top subconscious Trainers, we insure the best mental delivery system. By using the best online technology, we insure that our training sessions will be user-friendly and of the highest technical quality. By doing all these things, we will remain the leader in our field."

For information on Volume membership purchases (10 or more memberships): volume@selfhelpexpress.com

Session Suggestions (if you'd like us to consider creating a specific mental training session to add to our library): sessionsuggest@selfhelpexpress.com

Corporate Portals (if you'd like us to create specific sessions for your corporation and create a private porthole to access): portals@selfhelpexpress.com

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Norman and Tisha Hallett, Co-Founders, CEO and Creative Director, respectively

In October, 2000, Norman and Tisha co-founded Subconscious Training Corporation.

STC was formed as the entity to develop, produce and market a series of subconscious training softwares in a format never before offered& short, effective, and to-the-point mental training sessions to be utilized on home and office computers.

DirectYourMind.com (http://www.directyourmind.com), which offers these softwares, is the sister site to SelfHelpExpress.com.

Norman's background as an entrepreneur and mathematician, and Tisha's background as a Subconscious Trainer in private practice for 21 years, made them the perfect combination to bring an even more advanced mental training delivery system to the market, in the form of this site, SelfHelpExpress.com.

Tisha is also the voice talent on many of the mental training sessions in the Library of Sessions and is known worldwide for her smooth, yet commanding vocal quality.

 Subconscious Mind

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