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Home | Now, just seven minutes a day on you . . .

Now, just seven minutes a day on your computer can help you ...

Be the person you always wanted to be in every facet of your life.

Dear Friend,

I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to ask you a very personal question.

If you could CHANGE ANYTHING about yourself...anything at all...what would it be?

Your sex life? Your weight? Your golf game?

Or would you change those things you know are HOLDING YOU BACK at work and in life?

Would you choose to be LESS SHY...MORE CONFIDENT... with greater self-esteem?

See, I told you it would be personal. But I have a reason for asking.

Because now there's a way to CHANGE what you don't like about your self. A way that's EASY...PRIVATE...requires ONLY SEVEN MINUTES A DAY ... produces REAL RESULTS in just 10 days and best of all... you can try it for...


Introducing Self-Help Express.

It's the way to change EVERYTHING YOU WANT to change about yourself ...all from the PRIVACY OF YOUR COMPUTER. And all FOR JUST POCKET CHANGE.

Self-Help Express is the greatest collection of self-improvement aids ever assembled on any Website.

And you can take advantage of every one as often as you want for the NEXT 30 DAYS.


Some have called Self Help Express a "virtual self-improvement supermarket" because you can ACCESS OVER 60 MENTAL TRAINING SESSIONS...on everything from golf to getting past a broken relationship.

Each supercharged Self-Help Express Session utilizes CONTENT SUPPLIES BY ACKNOWLEDGED EXPERTS in the field. And more Sessions are being ADDED EVERY WEEK.

The seven-minute solution.

Just imagine...by simply spending SEVEN SHORT MINUTES a day in front of your computer screen, you can be

  • more confident
  • less shy
  • a better lover
  • an ex-smoker
  • or any of the things you truly want to be.

And in MUCH LESS TIME than you might imagine. In fact, you'll...

See the difference in just 10 days.

That's right. You won't have to wait weeks or months to see a change. You'll notice a positive and dramatic difference in only 10 days. And so will everyone around you.

Meanwhile, you're becoming...


Click to Play

Try Self Help Express FREE
Click Here.

But maybe you're asking...

Who are we kidding?

If that's your reaction to what I've said so far, who could blame you? After all, the Internet is full of self-improvement stuff.

If you're serious about self-improvement, maybe you've tried some of it. The motivational tapes...the subliminal sleep-learning...the books.

And none of them worked. Or maybe they seemed to at first, but the improvement didn't last.

So you've made up your mind. You won't get fooled again. That's good. Because we aren't fooling around.

We're so sure our Self Help Express will make a real and positive change in your life, we want you to TRY IT FOR THE NEXT 30 DAYS


No tricks. No hidden costs.No obligation. No kidding

(To try Self Help Express for 30 Days FREE, click here

What's behind Self-Help Express?

For one thing, our reputation.

Our parent company, Subconscious Training Corporation, has an enviable reputation as producers of WORLD-CLASS PERFORMANCE SOFTWARE.

STC programs are USED BY TOP ATHLETES, BUSINESS LEADERS, EDUCATORS and INVESTMENT PORFESSIONALS the world over. We aren't about to jeopardize STC's reputation by making promises we can't keep.

Then, there are our experts.

Some of the WORLD'S LEADING PSYCHOLOGISTS, EDUCATORS, COACHES and other PROFESSIONALS work with Self-Help Express. They would hardly lend their names to some dubious enterprise.

(To meet some of them, click here.)

Finally, our Sessions AREN'T motivational tapes you'll never get around to listening to. Books you'll never read. Or some subliminal soundtrack that supposed to seep into your brain as you sleep.

Our Self-Help Express Sessions are BASED ON A PROVEN PRINCIPLE. A principle that has been successfully used by athletes, investment professionals, business leaders and countless others.

We've adapted that principle to 21st CENTURY TECHNOLOGY. The resulting revolutionary technique has proven so successful that we want you to TRY IT FOR THE NEXT 30 DAYS...


(To try Self Help Express for 30 Days FREE, click here)

How Self-Help Express works.

What makes Self-Help Express so UNIQUELY DIFFERENT from (and MORE SUCCESSFUL than ) any of the other methods you may have tried?

It's simply because only Self-Help Express Training Sessions are designed to USE 100% OF YOUR MIND'S CAPACITY. Both the conscious and subconscious parts.

To understand why that's so important, let's talk for just a minute about what's in your mind.

You are what you think.

Let's start with the conscious. It's the rational, analytical part of the mind. The part that holds everything that you accept as "true" about yourself.

It's where your self-image...your SELF-CONCEPT lives.

The other part of the mind, the subconscious, makes sure that all of your words and actions fit a pattern that's based on your self-concept.

In order to do this, the subconscious has to operate a lot like a computer. It stores and retrieves information. And that's a good thing. Because like a computer...THE SUBCONSCIOUS CAN BE REPROGRAMMED TO CHANGE HABITS... ATTITUDES... YOUR LIFE.

Changing your mind.

To reprogram your computer-like subconscious, the prior programs have to be "overwritten".

Now, there are ways to do this. They're based on that principle we mentioned. But these other, older ways require more perseverance and discipline than most folks can muster. That's why they're rarely successful.

Which is where we come in. The technique we've developed uses the conscious mind to "overwrite" the old, negative instructions in the subconscious.

So you ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS IN RECORD TIME. And in just a few minutes a day in front of your computer.


What can Self-Help Express help change for you?

Here's a small sample of what you can accomplish with Self-Help Express:

  • Boost your BUSINESS SKILLS with Sessions on Time Management,
    Effective Public Speaking, Being Decisive and Managing Your Career.

  • Sharpen your SALES SKILLS and become a master at Overcoming
    Objections and Overcoming the Need for Approval.

  • Get great at GOLF with Blocking Out Distractions, Believing in Yourself, Building a Positive Putting Attitude and others.

  • Start on the path to PERSONAL IMPROVMENT and learn to Let Go of Negative Thoughts, Fill Yourself with Energy, Overcome Shyness,
    Achieve Peace of Mine and Gain Self Esteem.

  • Improve your PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS with sessions to help you Attract a Loving Partner, enjoy Better Sex and Get Past Divorce or through a Broken Relationship.

  • Overcome your Fear of Failure...Your Fear of Rejection...Your
    Procrastination...and take the Six Steps to Turn Desire Into Gold with our Think and Grow Rich exercises.


(for a complete list of sessions, click here)


Why are we doing this?

Now that I've asked you all those personal questions and told you all about our company, I guess it's high time I introduced myself.

My name is Norman Hallett, and as you know by now, my business is creating PERFORMANCE SOFTWARE.

On our sister site that we created in 2001, DirectYourMind.com, we've built an impressive list of softwares containing self help training sessions on just about every topic you could imagine. People go to our Website and order the Training Sessions they're interested in and we ship them out on a CD all over the world.

It occurred to us that we weren't making the best use of the Internet.

Why should we make people wait for a CD? Why not let them ACCESS THE SESSIONS DIRECTLY from a Website? That way we could reduce our shipping and handling costs and offer SESSIONS FOR LESS MONEY.

So we created Self-Help Express. You simply go to our site, log on and access the Session you want. THERE'S NO LIMIT to the number of Sessions you can access or how often. (Although we recommend concentrating on one subject at a time for ten days or so before moving on to another.)

At this point, you're probably wondering how much something this life-changing costs. (That is, after the free 30 day trial.) So let me ask you another personal question...

How much would you pay to change your life?

To be less shy...assertive. To be able to give up smoking...lose weight and keep it off...more successful...get past a broken relationship.

Some people would pay almost any price.

We won't ask you to do that. In fact, after you've given Self Help Express a FREE TRIAL FOR 30 DAYS... after you've seen what a difference it's made in your life... you can become a lifefime member of Self Help Express for just


That's right. Just $19 a month. That low price gives you access to as many of our Self Help Sessions AS OFTEN AS YOU LIKE.

$19 a month lets you spend seven minutes with us. Or all day. Everyday.

What's more, if you JOIN NOW, you'll lock in your low $19 a month membership fee for life. So no matter what happens, YOU'LL NEVER BE ASKED TO PAY MORE.

And to give you even more incentive to


You'll get...

Napoleon Hill's classic book Think and Grow Rich


Hill's book is one you'll find in the library of almost every successful person. In fact, many credit this famous work with giving them the ideas that helped them succeed.

And it's yours FREE for joining Self-Help Express now.


What's the deal?

A fair question. Here is the answer.

You're likely receiving this message because you've been referred by a friend of our company, who believes in what we do and knows we can help you improve.

With respect to our friends, I want to give you a super-special opportunity to start using our site with as little resistance a possible.

Now here's the deal.

As of this writing, we have 779 members at Self Help Express. In our quest to help tens of thousands of people around the world, we've set a goal of having 5,000 members by June 30th, 2007 (if not sooner, as it now appears it will be MUCH sooner).

Frankly said, to do that, we need to make being a member of our site irresistible. Thus, the free 30 day trail to start you off, followed by the crazy lifetime low price of $19 a month after the trial period is over, no matter how high the membership price goes in the future for others.

Once we've reached our goal of 5,000, we will be moved to shorten the trial period and raise the monthly membership fee for new members.

And, of course, since ours is a subscription service, you can CANCEL AT ANY TIME (we're betting you won't want to.) So...


While it's fresh in your mind& while you can try Self Help Express for 30 days absolutely FREE... while you can lock in a lifetime membership for just $19 a month after your free trial is over... and while you can get Napoleon Hill's classic book for FREE... why not sign up now. JUST CLICK HERE


Norman Hallett

PS: I'm so sure that our Self Help Express will CHANGE YOUR LIFE that I want you to try it ABSOLUTELY FREE for the next 30 days. You'll get UNLIMITED ACCESS to our complete library. And you'll also Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich" as our GIFT TO YOU. It's yours to keep even if you decide not to join and lock in your membership at just $19 a month. So Try Self Help Express for FREE... Click Here

If you get an error message when trying to join, please hit your back button and TRY AGAIN. A lot of people are taking us up on our SPECIAL OFFER so the site is very busy. Keep trying. Don't miss this opportunity to CHANGE YOUR LIFE.